Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No bright spots

How depressing news has been lately, what with all the gay teen suicides all in a row. I can't stand to think of them all suffering so much bullying and feeling so much despair that they can't go on. It's horrible.

The only encouraging thing lately seems to be that the civilian terrorism trials are going smoothly. Although I'll always have doubts about any evidence obtained through torture, and I'll always wonder if there's ever going to be a not guilty verdict. Or even if there is a guilty verdict each time, will the sentence ever be less than life in prison? And will the prisoner really be released at the end of his sentence, or will the government again decline to release them?

I was feeling more hopeful about the local elections in Texas for a while, but then I saw this depressing image of how red Texas and surrounding areas have become. Fuck.

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