Saturday, October 23, 2010

Other News on PBS

In other news on PBS, it looks like PBS World is once again getting a head start on Native American History Month, with repeats of We Shall Remain, and related documentaries about tribes like the Seminoles and the Blackfeet.

Also, Nova is airing a special about the Chilean miners on Tuesday, which seems to be a quick turn around. But then again, the story has been ongoing for two months now, so they probably had stuff prepared in advance. Not sure if I will watch it, though I did enjoy seeing the rescues.

(Nova and other specials irritate me lately because they include commercials from ExxonMobil that pretend to be all concerned about global warming. When you know they wouldn't have done any better than BP about the oil spill, and have resisted moving the economy off fossil fuels for years.) The David H. Koch foundation is also a sponsor. Still, I don't blame PBS for it because they've been losing federal funding for years and need the money. You also see left-wing websites accepting such advertising dollars too, so I guess there's nothing untainted these days.

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