Thursday, July 7, 2011

At Last

Finally I broke through the impasse on my Madness story. I've finished one new chapter and hope to get another one up soon.

As a reminder, Madness is set in 1895 after the Oscar Wilde scandal. An asexual Holmes realizes that Watson is in love with him, and because he's a Victorian, he thinks Watson is ill and/or insane to have such feelings. However, Holmes doesn't reject Watson, because he feels guilty about faking his death. He confesses that he loves Watson and will do anything to protect him from scandal or prison. Watson agrees to go see a German doctor in the hope that he can be cured of homosexuality. This of course does not work, and Holmes decides to beg him to come home. They are in France now, still on the way back to London, and Holmes has shown some blindness about the fact that he likes to cuddle and kiss Watson even though he claims they're only friends. He says they're intimate friends.

(Holmes is in fact asexual, but he does feel romantic/emotional love for Watson, and they will be discussing the matter further in Chapter 10.) For now, enjoy Chapter 9, in which Holmes is semi-compatible with Watson's desires.

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