Thursday, September 29, 2011

Point of Origin, part 3

This is somewhat short. I wanted to make this part longer, but I'm having trouble with a scene where Sherlock and John are at a crime scene, and he's starting to show the first signs of irritability and jealousy due to pon farr.

Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Story: Point of Origin
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Warnings: slash. Rated R for mention of drug use.

Within days, Sherlock tried to get back to his regular life by resuming his experiments and pestering Lestrade for cases. Lestrade had nothing to interest him at the moment, though, and told him to rest up. Sherlock pouted and played his violin in a bad mood.

John had already called Lestrade a few days ago to tell him about Sherlock being in the special clinic. He had told the DI to be sure to tell Donovan that she was wrong about Sherlock's supposed "blood lust."

"Of course she was. Never believed that rot about him being a sociopath for a minute. Hmm, so Sherlock's in a posh treatment centre? I'd always wondered where he'd gone to get off the drugs."

"Drugs, plural. Was he on a lot?"

"Everything he could get his hands on. When I caught him, I arrested him and tried to get him into a hospital to treat him, but his brother somehow got him released and the charges dropped. Brother or no brother, I told Sherlock that I'd never work with him again unless he was clean. He finally agreed, and disappeared until he got better. Then he took to experimenting with the corpses at the hospital instead of himself. His brother apparently got him access, so I guess the posh git's not all bad."

And apparently Molly's crush allowed Sherlock even more privileges, such as taking body parts home and never returning them.

"Mind you," Lestrade continued, "it was rather rude of Sherlock and his brother not to tell you about this clinic stuff before. Would've saved you some worrying."

"Definitely," John agreed.

He soon got Sherlock to tell him what to text Mycroft should there ever be another emergency and Sherlock not be conscious.

Sherlock said, "No special code. It's not all cloak and dagger with him. Text whatever details are important. If you are pressed for time, though, and wish to be succinct, then text him, 'liver failure'."

"Liver failure?"

"Yes. Mycroft knows I am not an alcoholic, and you are not an incompetent doctor. Therefore he would realize something else was seriously wrong and track my phone's location to find me. He'd check CCTV cameras also to know anything else he needed to send."

"I see." John made note of this and hoped Sherlock and Mycroft were not still holding anything back from him.

This chapter was revised and added onto.

Vulcans have their hearts where a human would have a liver.

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