Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting out

I'm very glad Obama announced that U.S. troops are leaving Iraq this year. At long last it will be over. Then we just need to get out of Afghanistan too.

I'm glad to hear that Gaddafi's gone now. When I first heard that he'd disappeared, I was too nervous to celebrate the Libyans' victory, lest Gaddafi somehow come back and continue to wage war out of sheer spite, without any chance of winning.

As with bin Laden, I didn't feel any bloodlust or wish to know the details of his death. I would've been fine if he'd just been captured alive and tried instead, but whatever. It was their war to wage, and they've won it. Now I hope they can get to enjoying some peace and moving on. The Arab Spring has lasted well into the fall now, and I hope more countries can achieve successful revolutions. The world will be better when the people rule instead of despots.

Here's to hoping our troops can come home soon, and Congress can get some damn stuff done.

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