Saturday, January 5, 2013

Holmes and Kate Warne

This excerpt of a new historical mystery novel has a small reference to Sherlock Holmes being alive and in San Francisco during the Hiatus (his fake death from 1891-1894). I can't tell yet if Sherlock Holmes will feature later on in the novel or not.

Anyway, The Bughouse Affair features two protagonists: one is an ex-Secret Service agent, and the other is a woman who was formerly a Pink Rose. That is, she worked as an investigator (not a secretary) for the Pinkerton Detective Agency. I've not heard this term "Pink Rose" before (or possibly I dimly recall something similar mentioned in the Carole Nelson Douglas books with Irene Adler), but it's intriguing. The excerpt gives a little of Sabina Carpenter's history with the Pinkertons, as well as mentioning Kate Warne's history as the first Pink Rose. I'm considering whether to buy the book or not; I can already tell that some kind of romance is being set up between the protagonists, and I'm kind of not interested in that part.

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