Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I've been watching Deception, and I like that the mystery continues to be the focus, though some situations in the 2nd episode seemed implausible. The pilot was intriguing, and I hope that things will get better. I like the actress Marin Hinkle too, and hope her character will have more to do soon.

I'm disappointed, though, that the only other midseason show I wanted to see was Goodwin Games, but it hasn't appeared yet. They might not even show it until the summer, just like Love Bites. Boo!

Many of the returning shows I used to love have gone down the crapper. Even with Kalinda's odious husband Nick gone, The Good Wife is still bad. Alicia, as ever, keeps sleeping with Peter, but not wanting to talk about their emotions or their crazy marriage. It shouldn't take years for her to make a decision about him! Plus, they dropped the entire storyline of her being forced out of her apartment. Did she buy it or what? Basic continuity and facts are not addressed. This is no longer a prestige, quality show anymore, and I root for it to get cancelled.

Increasingly, I put off watching Person of Interest episodes, such is my disinterest in the show lately. I'll watch one more episode for Kara Stanton, but then I think that's it. The terrible dialogue, the poor continuity, and the Grace flashbacks have ruined this show. I will never learn how Nathan died I guess, because apparently the writers don't give a crap about him anymore.

Grimm mostly displeased me with the endless amnesia storyline and the endless Renard shenanigans, where we learned that he's royalty but not what that means. I still have no fucking idea what exactly he wants to do with Nick. I am so indifferent to it coming back in March.

About the only returning show I have enjoyed lately has been Nikita, which thankfully comes back this Friday. What a dismal TV season this has been.

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