Saturday, May 11, 2013

Renewals and Cancellations

Well the TV news seems to be rolling out quickly, ahead of the upfronts. I'm glad Nikita got renewed, but am rather surprised that Go On didn't survive at NBC. As I said before, I'm fine with The New Normal being done.

I'm also seeing news about the pilots, and am sad that Murder in Manhattan didn't make it at ABC. I really wanted to see Bridget Regan again. I guess I just have more time next season to watch Netflix and DVDs.

BTW, I watched Elementary with its resurrection of Irene Adler, but I'll reserve judgment until she actually talks and starts revealing why and how she survived. I really don't want her turning into a criminal and backstabbing evil minion. I did like that she has a profession as a painter, instead of anything solely about sex, blackmail, and crap like that. We'll see how the finale goes.

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