Friday, May 17, 2013

Two Great Characters Ruined.

So that season finale happened. Meh.

I'm certainly disappointed, but I should have seen this coming weeks ago given the spoilers about Irene, and the commentary about how Moriarty was obsessed with Holmes, and let him live so many times. But it's so sadly predictable. This is why I trust nobody with Irene anymore. Nobody.

So like, this is some kind of new canon or "fanon" as I think the term goes, where everybody has it fixed in their minds that Irene is both Holmes's love interest and a fucking evil criminal. Bonus, she's not American anymore either! Also it appears that Moriarty must now always have a stalker crush on Holmes, instead of being a cold, rational genius who has a fucking business to run. And now the two characters must be merged as well. How dreadful. I rolled my eyes at the incoherence of the plot to make billions on a currency scheme that can only come about through kidnappings and murders. How fucking awful that was.

It's ironic that classic Moriarty (and Moran) can now only be seen in the Guy Ritchie movies, though their Irene was pretty non-canonical too.

I think the Elementary writers tried to make things better (than at least the BBC show) by having Watson solve the case and Holmes name a bee after her, but that didn't cheer me up. All I can think is "Now that Rob Doherty's got that crap out of his system, can we have normal cases next season?" Because unless I can shove this out of my personal brain attic and never have to recall this story arc again, I'm going to find it hard to enjoy continuing with this show. We'll see how it goes.

I'll try to forget all this during the summer, when hopefully Goodwin Games and Whose Line is It Anyway can make me laugh.

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