Saturday, November 23, 2013

November premieres

I'm so glad Nikita is back. I forgot that the new season started this week, so I'm glad that my DVR remembered for me. It's such a great show, and I'll be sad to see it end. Seeing Alex and Sonya work as Batman and Robin was so good, even though we only got a few glimpses of their storyline in India. I wonder what their codename is, if Nikita's Lone Wolf, Michael is Red Wolf, and headquarters is Blue Wolf?

Fox pushed Almost Human's premiere back, which made me annoyed since I was anticipating it so much. I've enjoyed what I've seen so far, though I had to look away from the screen with the sexbot episode, because I'm squeamish even about fake human bodies being ripped apart like that. I like the banter and the characters. It makes me wish even more that Agents of SHIELD wasn't so disappointing. I haven't watched the last couple of episodes of Shield because I wish that Skye would just die so we could focus on Melinda May and Coulson instead.

On the comedy side, I am enjoying Brooklyn Nine Nine despite the annoying behavior of Andy Samberg's character. The ensemble makes up for it, and I hope it will get better ratings.

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