Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wendy, we need you

Well clearly I spoke too soon about the Texas abortion law. I can't believe the Circuit Court issued a ruling late on Thursday night, forcing clinics to immediately close and cancel appointments with patients on Friday. It's also disturbing to me that letting the law go into effect means that the judges think it's "likely" that the state will win the case. Talk about telegraphing how they're going to rule. So everything's fucked up for months at least, and maybe years too, if Planned Parenthood tries to appeal again, and then the Supreme Court could make it worse. If they strike down Roe vs. Wade, then states across the country could start passing laws like this too. I can't believe how everything's going backwards.

And of course the Voter ID laws are still fouling things up at the polls. I voted myself, but just because I got through doesn't mean it's going to be easy for other voters. It's enough to make me despair of Texas politics again and dread the 2014 elections. If the voter turnout this year is low, and the statewide propositions don't pass like they wanted to, then we can only hope that the Republicans realize what a horrible mistake they've made. We'll see on Tuesday, I guess.

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