Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sony Reverses

Well, that was a sudden turnaround. Sony decided to release The Interview after all, though in more limited release. I've looked for theaters near me that have it, and many of the showings are sold out, so I might have to wait a few days or a week to see it. There's also talk of Sony releasing it on video services soon, so we'll see.

I did go to see Night at the Museum 3, out of continued fondness for Ben Stiller. I actually own quite a few movies he's in, and did recent rewatches of The Royal Tenenbaums where he was great. Night at the Museum was pretty fun in the London setting, and I liked how he passed on the mantle to Rebel Wilson's character.

While I was at the movies, I saw a trailer for the new Peter Pan film, and it appears to be a new weird origin story where the pirate captain is Bluebeard and young James Hook is an ally of Peter. It looked confusing, and I'm kind of over Peter Pan, especially with the recent disappointing NBC musical. I'll stick to rewatching my DVD of the 2003 film with Jason Isaacs I guess.

Later edit: And The Interview is simultaneously coming out on video services like Youtube. I wish it had come out on iTunes instead, but I read an article claiming that Apple didn't agree to a deal. Too bad. I hope when I do watch the movie that it will be in a theater of people who had planned to see the movie anyway before the whole hacking stunt. I did, because of Rogen and Franco. I worry that people will watch who don't even like the movie or care, and just want to do their duty to piss off North Korea.

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