Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Trans Watson

In other news I did the Nook trade-in program so I could get a discount on a new Samsung Nook. It's good so far, and the web browser doesn't constantly crash like my Nook HD had been doing lately.

Also, I recently learned about this kickstarter for a feminist version of Holmes featuring a transwoman as Watson. I'm not crazy about the gimmicky S(her)lock title, but everything else sounds good. They even mention that they are adapting canon stories such as Copper Beeches, so hopefully that means they will feature strong women in the canon like Violet Hunter, and will reflect a variety of crimes and cases, instead of being about murder all the damn time. I hope they'll do Irene Adler right, the way that Carole Nelson Douglas did, or maybe they'll genderflip her. Who knows? I don't have money to contribute just now, but I hope they'll make their kickstarter goal and release the show on iTunes (which is mentioned in their backer rewards), so I can buy the episodes then. Good luck, ladies!

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