Monday, March 2, 2015

Still Not Cancelled

So Netanyahu is still going to give the speech tomorrow. I haven't commented before because I kept hoping either he or the Republicans would back off and realize they'd gone too far. That the Democrats would really boycott the speech instead of being afraid of AIPAC calling them anti-Semitic. That Obama would "rebuke" Netanyahu not merely verbally but in some concrete way, like cutting off funds to Israel. But no, that's never on the damn table. Never. So nothing changes, and I'm tired of America being beholden to Israel. The most I can hope for is that Netanyahu will lose the Israeli elections I guess. But will his replacement be any better?

I'm glad that Juan Cole reprinted part of Leonard Nimoy's thoughts on peace from 2011, and his wish for a two-state solution in Israel. Too bad it's 2015 already, and they've still made no progress. Rest in peace, Spock.

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