Friday, April 10, 2015

Taste the Happy

I'm glad that the Bluths will be back for 17 more episodes, though I wonder why Brian Grazer said it so casually and with no elaboration about the deal. I hope we'll find out details about when Season 5 is coming.

So I better get back to my Far From Over fic. I've almost got an new chapter ready to put up, and it looks like this epic will be about 50+ chapters total.

In other news, I recently enjoyed seeing the movie Effie Gray, about the real life marriage of Victorian art critic John Ruskin, who never consummated it. Apparently this story has been dramatized many times before, though this version is from Effie's point of view, from her beginnings as a naive young bride, through her disillusionment and loneliness, until her eventual escape. Ruskin is brilliant and charming at times, earning public admiration, but clearly he is off and strange too. Perhaps it was due to his doting parents indulging him so much, but he has some emotional disconnect from the needs and opinions of other people. He treats Effie with disdain and neglects her until she's ill. Ruskin seems to have an idea that women (or rather girls) are either virginal and pure or wicked harlots living for pleasure. Nothing between the two extremes. Effie tries hard at first to try to understand him and please him and somehow assert a role for herself in her husband's family, but nothing works. Eventually she finds allies to confide in, and they help her to get the marriage annulled. I thought the film ended too soon, but it was a interesting look into how fucked up Victorians could be about sex, power and marriage. I'm glad that Effie finally found happiness with someone more sympathetic and attentive.

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