Monday, April 27, 2015

Small Victories

It's been a mix of good and bad news lately. Last week I lost my job, but at least I'm safe and sound, unlike everybody in Nepal during the earthquake this weekend. So I'll be busy with jobhunting and also signing up for new health insurance when I lose my benefits.

Today early voting started for our local May election, so I voted, because I need to have some say, even if I'm blue stuck in a dismally red state. Participate in democracy, even if it's just municipal and school board elections! It's the only way to change anything.

I'm glad that Loretta Lynch finally got sworn in as our new Attorney General, because at least that fight's over. I also read some encouraging reports about efforts to transfer Guantanamo prisoners and close the prison before Congress can interfere again. Here's hoping Obama can get it done.

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