Monday, May 4, 2015

Back Online

Well, I just had a frozen banana to celebrate Cinco de Cuatro. I don't enjoy margaritas, though.

I changed internet service providers over the weekend, so it was almost like being in Sudden Valley with nothing working. I agree with Maeby. It's like living in 1999. I managed to get my computers and devices working with the new wireless network today, but my Tivo wouldn't update, and now it's stuck without an internet connection. If I can't get it fixed tomorrow, I can always watch on my other TV with an antenna.

I saw Age of Ultron this weekend and found it meh. Sure there were some funny scenes, and Maria Hill even actually asked the meta comment, "Where are the women?" But the romance plot didn't work, and the action scenes were too long and repetitive. Why do I need to see Iron Man pummel the Hulk so freaking long? Why couldn't the "Veronica" whatever have succeeded, and we could jump back into actual plot instead of mindless destruction? I hated the neverending battle at the Eastern European city too, with all the civilians and the endless robots. It reminded me of Iron Man 2 where he kept fighting waves of robots, and I didn't fucking care. I am definitely fucking over Marvel, and found the stupid Ant-Man trailer just plain stupid.

I much preferred While We're Young with Ben Stiller.

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