Monday, May 11, 2015


Still no news about Super Clyde, so I guess the pilot is dead again. So sad. Various trailers are being released to promote new shows, and I just don't "get" the Minority Report one.

I haven't seen the Minority Report movie in years, so correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the point of the film that Precrime was terrible and oppressive? That's why it got shut down? It was unfair that people were being imprisoned for crimes which they hadn't committed, as if they were predestined and had no free will to change the future. Also, some of the Precog's visions were wrong, and therefore shouldn't be trusted. So this fucking TV show says that one of the Precogs wants to go back to predicting crimes and have a cop help him stop various murders and stuff. So he fucking wants to go back to the old horrible system? Why are we excited about regressing to bad old days? What the fuck?

Also, what the fuck with the stupid conspiracy theorists in Texas? Shut up about Jade Helm 15, you idiots! You do not speak for me! Fuck you!

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