Friday, May 22, 2015

No more grimdark

In TV news, the Supergirl pilot leaked, and most people seem to like it. Good. I was hoping it would be bright, charming, and light, unlike the gritty darkness of other DC properties. I hope it will be like Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman, because I want some fun feminism instead of the soul-crushing Agent Carter. I'm over Marvel but willing to give DC a chance this time.

On Netflix I tried the Daredevil show that was praised so much, but I stopped halfway through the pilot. It was awful. His stupid monologue about his father being a boxer took so damn long and he never explained to the confessional priest what the fuck his father had to do with whatever he meant to confess. And he didn't confess it, so why even go to the church in the first place? Stupid, incompetent exposition dump. Besides that, I hated all the violence and degradation against women. Sure, this is a gritty dark crime drama about a vigilante, but I don't need to see a bunch of sex traffic victims cowering in fear while the hero beats up the bad guys, and the girls don't even think to try to run away until the man freaking tells them. Later, I sure as hell don't need to see a guy attempt to kill the woman in police custody either. Sure, she defended herself and survived, but why do I need to see that violent, victimizing shit in the first place? What is wrong with people?

I don't watch shows about serial killers or stalkers either. I even quit the CSI shows years ago over their constant need make more exotic, horrific methods of murder that felt like voyeuristic exercises in titillation. I'm so sick of this garbage that everybody else seems to like for being edgy. I mean, no, I don't think stuff needs to be censored or anything. But me personally, I don't want to see psychopaths just being evil for no dang reason. There comes a point where it's gratuitous and you can't take anymore. Not everybody gets off on sadism, you guys.

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