Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I never watched the original Ghostbusters movies, though I heard the catchy theme song everywhere. As a kid I watched the cartoon show with Slimer, so I never got attached to the original actors, and was always surprised that Egon wasn't a blonde guy whenever I saw movie clips in the music video. Therefore I was excited about the reboot and was only concerned that the new movie might either be too scary for me or have too many gross-out jokes about sliming people. I'm a total wimp when it comes to horror movies. Thankfully, the movie was just the right mix of spooky-scary with action and comedy. Good for family viewing, and there were several families in my audience. From the opening dialogue with that museum guy talking about P. T. Barnum enslaving elephants I was surprised by how funny and lighthearted the movie was. Paul Feig is still great at comedy. All the ladies did a good job, and the special effects were cool. I didn't like the new theme song, but thankfully it was used sparingly in the film, and more often we heard just the classic sound at the right moments for nostalgia purposes.

Apparently I missed an after-credits scene setting up a sequel. Maybe I'll watch it again for that, and to support the movie from all the viciously over the top criticism. Sure, I get tired of remakes too, but a lot of the hate has been solely directed at the premise of an all-female remake and was so unfair. I'm really horrified at all the racist attacks on Leslie Jones on twitter too. Cyberbullies are such cowardly scum. Especially with all the shitty stuff happening in the real world lately, an entertaining, summer popcorn movie is exactly the escape I need.

I'm certainly not going to watch the Republican Convention this week. I'm glad that Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary, but it was such a minor blip in the face of more bad news around the world. I hope Hillary's VP pick will be good.

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