Sunday, July 10, 2016


It was a tough week with all the violence and racial unrest in America. I was at work the night of the sniper shooting in Dallas, so reading about it when I got home made me depressed and worried that Black Lives Matter would be blamed. I didn't feel better until seeing a Daily Show clip with Trevor Noah insisting that it's possible to be pro Black Lives Matter and pro police at the same time. I also appreciate Hillary Clinton calling for more national standards for police use of force. She also made the same point that criminal justice reform and prejudice are still valid concerns, along with mourning the police officers.

I do wish political rhetoric would be more nuanced. It made me so angry to hear about Lt. Governor Patrick blaming Obama for inciting a civil war. Shut the fuck up! At least Wonkette found some more reasonable responses from rightwing websites, which was encouraging. Maybe somehow we can change their minds on gun control? I'm still kind of anxious and scared what might happen next, but I'm glad that protests are continuing.

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