Sunday, December 4, 2016


Well the DC crossover was pretty hit-or-miss. I liked Supergirl's episode, but it contained very little crossover. The Flash was so damn angsty and boring, with the aliens mind-controlling the heroes into fighting each other. The Arrow episode was better because the fantasy world the heroes hallucinated actually had touching character moments. The final Legends episode was back to annoying Barry drama which seemed wildly hypocritical given how some characters time-travel on a regular basis. I was so sick of that, and yet also frustrated that everyone turned on a dime and suddenly decided sacrificing one person was worth risking the entire planet. They finally had the climactic battle with aliens, but it was one-dimensional and tainted. They saved one alien in the past, who showed a little gratitude, but we never got to see if any of the other aliens could be reasoned with and talked out of the war. Really dumb and nonsensical plot. This is why I don't read comics. So convoluted, and focused on punching things rather than solving things.

Meanwhile, I went to see The Eagle Huntress today. Very inspiring documentary and yet fun too to see Aisholpan being a happy girl who played with friends and also put on nail polish for the festival. Reminded me a little bit of Queen of Katwe but with less harrowing family drama. For more girl power, I wish Hidden Figures was out already but it probably won't arrive here until January. I had to settle for just a taste in the recent Timeless episode set during the Apollo moon landing.

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