Saturday, May 13, 2017


Lots of TV news lately in preparation for the upfronts next week. I'm going to miss Timeless the most, but good riddance to Sleepy Hollow, which should have ended last season. The rest of the shows I cared about were renewed, so now it's just a matter of seeing next season's schedule. With DVRs, it matters less to me what timeslot something gets, then what dates the show will be airing; everything seems to be airing in bursts of a few weeks, then long hiatuses.

Of the new shows that have been picked up, I'm most interested in the magician show Deception, hoping once again to find a light funny mystery series that's not all gore and violence. I'm mildly interested in the sitcom that has Cristela Alonzo on it, but will have to see more trailers and info about how big her part is.

Anyway, Jason Bateman tweeted that he's signed up for season 5, implying that he'd be filming in the summer. Really? And so soon after Will Arnett joked about the wait for more Arrested Development. Well, I hope everybody signs up soon so Netflix can make an official announcement.

Lately I've trying to learn more about Anna May Wong after watching a PBS documentary about her. I've been searching for some of her movies and TV shows to watch, but apparently only the same few movies are available, such as the 1930s Study in Scarlet movie where she was just a sinister Chinese lady. I'm trying to find something where she's a lead and the story is less overtly racist. (Apparently Wong had a lot of roles where she died.) I bought something from Alibris that I thought was her movie, but instead it was something else that just had the same title. *Sigh*

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