Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I was stunned and pleased by NBC changing their minds and saving Timeless. It's a nice hopeful moment in these dark times. I always appreciated how the show made Rufus a true lead and not merely a sidekick to the other two members of the team. With Jiya's new importance, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

I also heard that Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries has a movie script done, and they're trying to get funding to return. Good luck, because I miss that show terribly.

Meanwhile Supergirl had a truly awesome episode last night, packed full of guest stars. Some of the political dialogue on resistance was too clunky and unsubtle, like how Wonder Woman used to be too earnest about feminism. Still, it was great to see Madame President reveal herself as an alien with apparently no sinister motives. With the mention of Superman in the beginning I kept wondering where he was, trying to remember if he was to guest star in this episode or not. His reveal at the end was a big surprise. I hope next week will be great.

Meanwhile, some of the networks have released their fall schedules, and Tuesdays is going to overwhelm my DVR. I might have to upgrade to more tuners to get everything. Or break out my old VCR for a low tech solution, but then I'd have to keep getting new VHS tapes.

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