Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Juneteenth

I bought the latest Kate Warne book aimed at kids. It's nicely illustrated, though the story is fictional, imagining Kate as a single woman who merely pretended to be a widow. I'm not sure why. The plot is mostly the Expressman case, but pared down from the original convoluted, horrifically long case that I hated when I read Pinkerton's crap book on the subject. Still, any more exposure of Kate Warne to kids is good. There's also apparently a more adult-oriented novel about Kate Warne available now. I can't wait to get it. I wish Hollywood would make a movie about her, even if they have to fictionalize it or just dramatize the same old Pinkerton cases we know about, because little girls need to see more historical pioneers like Warne.

I wish there was a movie about Anna May Wong too. Some years ago, there was talk that a Chinese studio was going to make one, but there's been no news since. If they're willing to recast, or if an American studio wants to do it, may I suggest Constance Wu as the star? Or what about that movie about the Chinese woman pirate that Maggie Q was going to star in? These projects keep disappearing. I'm hoping what with Hidden Figures and the success of other female-led films, that studios will finally give us long overdue movies about female icons such as Marie Curie and the like.

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