Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Radio Adaptations

Remember how I said I like the radio adaptations by Bert Coules, but I don't like Clive Merrison's Holmes? Well, I've found a radio Holmes that I like better, Jim Crozier (I hope I spelled that right) in the Old Court Radio Theatre Company.

They do a full cast recording of the canon, and the mp3's are available on the Sherlock Holmes Society of London's website. Only four are available on iTunes.

The dramatist is M. J. Elliott, apparently a British writer and performer. I may have to check out his Hilary Caine mysteries. Elliott has a nice sense of humor as well, even inserting the apocryphal "Field Bazaar" into VEIL and having Watson correct Holmes to say that he has an M.D., not a mere Bachelor of Medicine degree. He also for some reason has Watson refer to his presumably second wife in the Mazarin Stone as "Kate." Now, the only Kate I can think of in the canon is Kate Whitney, wife of the opium addict in TWIS.

I should like more information about this, so I'll have to hunt among the other adaptations to see if he mentions Kate again. I'm downloading them now, and of course I desire to hear SPEC first.

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