Sunday, May 31, 2009

Third Person SPEC

I'm beginning to think that I can't keep my Reminiscences chapter all in first person. Helen's point of view keeps me from saying anything about what Holmes and Watson are doing when alone, such as when Holmes wakes him in bed that morning, when they're alone in the Crown Inn (presumably taking a nap without any sleeping attire), when Holmes keeps whispering to him on the lawn and in the room, and when they discuss the case the following morning. It really hampers the slash overtones.

Especially since I redid part 3 of Reminiscences and had Holmes realize his blunder about the snake, I desperately itch to write a scene in which Watson comes back to the Crown to find Holmes distraught. Holmes explains about the snake and the milk, then babbles about whether or not his whole career is based on luck. Watson assures him that his methods are perfectly sound, and he has solved plenty of cases both before and after they met in 1881. Holmes points out his mistake about Mrs. Sawyer in STUD, and insists that he only captured Hope by pure luck. Watson says that he did solve the case anyway, and tries to assure him by letting him perform some deduction about himself. (It'd be too early to do the watch from his brother, so maybe a deduction about his father the late H. W. Sr., and how Watson spent part of his childhood in Australia?) That somehow comforts Holmes and brings him back into his normal self.

Then they'd sit around in their rented rooms, with Watson explaining that Lestrade delayed vouching for them for a while because he was annoyed by Holmes showing him up on their last case together. They'll be all right with the Surrey police now. Or so Watson thinks, because Helen is giving her statement to the county inspector. After she realizes that the inspector suspects Holmes and Watson of deliberately plotting Dr. Roylott's murder, Helen makes up her lie about sleepwalking and accidental death. Then back to Holmes and Watson being released, none the wiser of how they've been rescued. Soon they accompany Helen and her housekeeper to Leatherhead, for the London train. Holmes hurriedly says goodbye and disappears to their own compartment, to get away from the unsettling Helen Stoner, while Watson remains behind to talk to her for a moment.

He wishes her well with her wedding in the spring, then asks for permission to publish an account of her case in the future.

She's surprised. She thought that his writings were merely business records for the detective.

He smiles that she thinks that he is in some way Holmes's official business partner. He explains that no, he is merely a friend and wants to publish the cases for Holmes's own benefit. Mentions the STUD case that he's writing currently, and would like to add the SPEC case as well.

She feels uncomfortable granting permission, because of the police and the upcoming inquest.

He misunderstands and says that he'll change names and details, if she would like to preserve her privacy. He's already promised Holmes that he won't point out Holmes's blunder about the snake.

She says that she just doesn't want the scandal raked up again so soon after Roylott's death. She has Dr. Watson promise not to publish the tale until after her death.

He agrees and says goodbye. Then he goes to rejoin Holmes, and talks a little of how Helen was remarkably composed after the traumatic night.

Holmes will begin to think that Watson has fallen for Helen too, and become incredibly jealous. Later, after the inquest, Holmes will visit her in Harrow, then send her away to New York to remove the temptation. When Watson learns that she's postponed her wedding for a trip alone, Holmes will make some excuse about Helen feeling too upset to marry. In an effort to comfort her, and because of the strange verdict, Watson will mail her his notebook on the SPEC case. Or something like that.

So you see this plot works better if I can somehow structure it with a back and forth between points of view, or else do a third person perspective. I can't have everything be overheard or done in flashback. I gotta figure this out.

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