Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My story on Feedbooks

I just posted a short story on Feedbooks. It's a very old piece that I wrote years ago in college. It's original characters, not fanfic, and I'd say that it's rated about G. Well maybe PG, for the mention of a traumatic car crash in the past.

I'm still thinking of publishing Prelude as an ebook as well, but I wonder if I ought to do some revisions to the story to justify publishing it. Also, I don't like the way that the ePUB format shows footnotes, and I still don't want to sacrifice the footnotes from Prelude.

If I do add stuff, I have some extra scenes with Jefferson Hope and "Mrs. Sawyer" aka Rose Cooper, but I don't think anyone is really interested in them. They'd rather see more about Holmes and Watson of course. I would too, but haven't managed to do a proper sequel showing their continuing relationship now that they are lovers. Sooner or later, Watson must learn about Holmes's cocaine habit after all. But I'm practically nowhere with writing the sequel.

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