Saturday, December 12, 2009

Prelude published

Okay I finally pulled the trigger and published Prelude to a Partnership as an ebook. I'm still not sure about the title, but couldn't come up with anything better except maybe "Prelude to Love" but I didn't want to definitely state whether Holmes would fall in love with Watson eventually.

Here's the link.

The book cover is pretty makeshift too, as I never got anybody to design it. I guess I can always go back and re-edit the book then republish it again. (Republishing doesn't make a new copy, as I've learned, but updates the version on the site.)

Also of course, it's in a slash universe with no relation to the other Watson's Finances story. I was a little startled that the book has one download already. I wonder who did that, so soon after I pushed Publish?

In other news, I am lusting after the Barnes & Noble Nook but haven't yet gone out to a store to test it in person. It seems that every reviewer keeps complaining that the screens are too slow, yet in all the video demos I've seen online, the nook looks perfectly fast to me. The only place it really, really lagged was in "Formatting" a book when you first open it to read. Now that looked bad, but I can still hope that later firmware updates might fix that. I'm glad I saw this review, which is the only one I've seen showing how you highlight and annotate text. Now I just gotta save money for it and wait for the nook to be in-stock again. I don't want to pre-order at least until I've heard of some new updates.

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