Friday, March 26, 2010

Obama wants something new

And here I was worried that with this busy week that Obama would just go back to business as usual with Israel. But it appears that no, he's not backed down and let Netanyahu refuse to freeze the settlements. Obama apparently walked out of a meeting, to let the Israelis mull over the demands, and the Israelis decided to return home in a huff. They even overreact in their press and describe the incident as a "hazing." I don't want this to merely turn into a back and forth of "your country humiliated my country," but it is satisfying to see something other than the same old "Israel's our great ally" rhetoric. They need some dressing down and some perspective.

The British version of the incident (linked from that Huffpost article) even described that Netanyahu showed up with some stupid flowchart explaining why the settlement announcement happened when it did. When will that jackass realize that the problem is not with WHEN he announced the settlements? It's the fact that they are continuing the settlements at all, ruining chances for peace. I'm glad that Obama was unimpressed by the flowchart.

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