Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sherlockian Map

I was checking out some old links on CNN about the Sherlock Holmes movie, and among them was this useful map, pinpointing various locations mentioned in the canon. But only the ones in London; you won't find HOUN's Dartmoor, for example, or even Surrey locations like Reigate. I'm pleased that it shows Harrow, however, which is where Helen's aunt Honoria Westphail lives. With this map and Walkit, I have determined that Harrow is merely 10 miles northwest of Baker Street.

Anyway, on CNN, they had the opinion of three Sherlockians and from that concluded that Sherlockians as a whole like the film. That's a little questionable, since individual Sherlockians often have very different tastes, but it was interesting to read that they did approve of the portrayal of Watson. I believe Andrew Peck wrote a chronology book with Les Klinger (who redid the Annotated Sherlock Holmes), so it's nice to see that he enjoyed the film despite the deviation from canon chronology. Albert Rosenblatt quotes the famous saying of Conan Doyle to William Gillette as well: 'You may marry him, or murder him, or do anything you like to him.'

I of course love the film and can hardly wait until the DVD comes out on March 30th. It appears that there aren't any Deleted Scenes listed for the special features, though, so I'm wondering if they're holding them back for some deluxe Blu-Ray edition or something.

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