Saturday, March 13, 2010

Texas State Board of Dumbasses

Reading the news about the Texas State Board of Education lately is so disheartening and surreal. The idiots don't want to support separation of church and state, minorities, or even Thomas Jefferson as an Enlightenment thinker! He's a freaking founding father! The words of the Declaration of Independence have resonated and influenced the world for centuries. (Even if he and the other slaveholding founders were being hypocritical about the "all men are created equal" bit, it was an ideal that ultimately became the basis of other revolutions and civil rights movements.)

The worst part is that for the past few months, my local news station (an ABC affiliate, even!) was acting as if it got its marching orders from FOX news. They kept falsely depicting the controversy about the TSBOE as being that liberals were trying to remove Christmas and the founding fathers from the textbook standards, when the reality is just the opposite; conservatives were trying to edit the standards to glorify Gingrich and the like. Ugh! The time for public comment on this can't come fast enough.

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