Monday, June 21, 2010

Got an E-Reader

Well dang it! I'd heard rumors that Barnes & Noble was going to release a WiFi only Nook this summer, but what I heard from Engadget made it sound like this Nook lite wouldn't be out until July or August, and that it would cost $199.

That's why I recently pulled the trigger and bought an Astak Mentor reader for $129, in an unusual, out-of-the-blue sale at Newegg. The price difference just looked to be so large, and I was sick of waiting. But then B&N just had to release the WiFi only Nook for $149, and now I'm upset. I have to keep telling myself, though, that the Nook doesn't come with a case at that price, and I'd still wind up spending at least $179. Plus the Nook doesn't support organizing your books into folders, as far as I know. So I'll just have to be happy with what I got until I can save up enough money for a new e-reader. But maybe by then the color e-ink screens will finally be out. I don't know.

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