Thursday, June 3, 2010

Juan Cole on the Hypocrisy

Really great article on Israel, and how they broadly paint everyone as terrorists. He also points out that some of the released photos have been debunked as having been from years ago.

The Israeli spin about how the flotilla was provocative is terrible. It's like the Southern racists during the Civil Rights movement saying that the activists who did the Freedom Rides, sit-ins, and marches were being provocative, and so deserved to be knocked down by water hoses and such.

Here are some quotes from Cole:
The absurdity of a whole host of European parliamentarians, former US diplomats, Nobel prize winners, and a Swedish novelist, being fronts for ‘al-Qaeda’ is so profound that it is like a Monty Python skit.

But Gaza isn’t an independent ‘regime’. It is not a state at all. It has no army or navy. It is the height of cruelty for Netanyahu to deny the Palestinians statehood but then to declare that he may half-starve them because he is at war with a Palestinian state!

And if Palestine Authority elections had been held in both the West Bank and Gaza this spring, likely Fatah (which recognizes Israel and has agreed to peace talks) would win, not Hamas... nearly a third of Palestinians want to throw in the towel and seek Israeli citizenship

Good overview of the history as well. If only our American government would take a stand. At least end the freaking blockade.

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