Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bad Wife

Okay that's the last straw. I'm done with The Good Wife, and I hope it gets cancelled this year. This semi-spoilery article says that they'll be continuing the love triangle for the rest of the season, and I'm sick of it. Especially the part where they say Alicia won't pick anybody, just feel guilty. What has she been doing for the past four fucking years?

They also mention that after the governor's election they'll be looking at the White House next. "As soon as they win or lose one campaign, they’re onto the next." It's bad enough that real life is like that, especially with the news media. I don't want to see campaign after campaign after campaign on this show. You can't just have Peter stay in one office and, say, work on his racial bias in promotions? No, apparently. Plus constant elections make the perfect excuse for Alicia to never divorce Peter and keep supporting his career. The Kings have repeated themselves too many times, and they never learn their lesson. It's clear nothing will fundamentally change on the show, ever.

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