Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pilot Season

Well, TV networks are now developing shows for next season, and they're casting actors for pilots. I hope NBC officially cancels Up All Night soon, so that the actors can be released for new shows. There's just no point in retooling it anymore. I will certainly check out Will Arnett's new show if it gets past pilot stage with him in it.

Anyway, TV Line has a guide to the pilots, broken down by networks.

I'm currently interested in ABC's Murder in Manhattan, both for the premise and because they cast Bridget Regan as the daughter. I hope, because the mother and daughter are "amateur sleuths," that they won't work with the police all the time, and will do private cases too. I want more variety in TV mysteries, and less gore and serial killers.

I will probably check out the Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D show just to see if it's any good, and if any characters as awesome as Black Widow appear. As I said before, I'll look for the new NCIS spinoff with Kim Raver. I might check out Doubt because the "low-rent lawyer" premise reminds me of the short lived The Defenders, which I liked. I would have tried Second Sight except that I'm annoyed that the main character is only having hallucinations, and isn't actually going blind, like in the original British show. Well, anyway, we'll see which pilots actually get picked up in May.

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