Friday, February 8, 2013

Holmes, Sweet Holmes

I was very disappointed in the post-Superbowl episode of Elementary, and thought, "this was so not worth the hype and promotion." Like I give a crap about gruesome serial killers or obsessions with FBI profilers! It seriously scared me about the state of the writing on this show. But now I am very pleased and relieved that the next episode was wonderful, and that Holmes was back to being charming and likeable. Now that's the show I fell in love with.

I really enjoyed Holmes telling the story of "The Crooked Man" and mentioning "The Blue Carbuncle" later. Holmes's ex-drug dealer Rhys showed up when his daughter was kidnapped and he didn't have the money to pay the ransom. So he provided the case as well as interesting commentary about Holmes's past drug use and cases at Scotland Yard. I enjoyed seeing Watson interact with Rhys, and be so protective of Holmes's sobriety. Excellent characterization. Plus Watson was finally able to kick some ass (well, smash Angus on the kidnapper's head). I was glad that Holmes made mistakes and was fallible this time; I couldn't stand how arrogant he'd become in "Red Team", acting like Gregson should be grateful that he helps them. Not when you're such an asshole who needs to be punched! This vulnerable and self-doubting Holmes is the one I want to see, not some supremely confident bastard who brags about how he's never met someone smarter. Fuck that.

I am curious about what Holmes said to his father offscreen; there was a mention that he would have to run errands for his father, but later on Holmes said he had already given back the money so that he wouldn't be indebted. It might have been interesting to see these errands and thus learn more about Holmes's father, but I guess they're still teasing us with this mystery.

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