Sunday, February 10, 2013

Goodbye Person of Interest

I finally got around to watching my recording of "Dead Reckoning" and then I removed my season pass for the show. So I didn't see this past episode which supposedly has Nathan flashbacks. It's too little, too late. I only stuck around for Kara Stanton, and "Dead Reckoning" was a fitting end to her character.

So goodbye Kara Stanton. You were so more compelling than Root, and you gave Reese his name. She and Mark Snow were great antagonists for a while, but now they're gone. There was a moment on the roof of the building where Reese and Finch had a lovely exchange; you know, the one that feels so much like "I could kiss you." They tried to have one of those during the laughable "cliffhanger" with four men in suits, but it rang hollow and cheap because no one was even hurt. However the rooftop moment had some of the old intoxicating magic. But I won't settle for that anymore. Season 2 has been too awful to overcome, with the bad dialogue, the nonsensical Root, the obnoxious numbers, Bear being overhyped only to become a fluffy pet, and Fusco still getting no respect. I should have quit at the beginning of this season when Reese rescued Finch from Root.

I mean, there were signs in season 1 that this show was going bad already, with the blatantly shitty continuity in the episodes about Ordos and Jessica's death. No explanation was given for why Reese was still bleeding five months after Ordos and still talking as if he just "quit" his job. No explanation was given for why Jessica insisted that her husband Peter was not her problem when she made her desperate phone call. No explanation was given for why Reese watched one home video and suddenly "knew" that Peter killed Jessica. Reese didn't see any evidence from the morgue like Carter did. Reese isn't psychic. And yet he just "knew" Peter was guilty and deserved to be beaten/killed/imprisoned whatever. What the fuck? And then there came the horrible Grace retcon, which makes it laughable that Nathan's son Will Ingram still thinks Uncle Harold is alive. Sorry if I don't mourn the life you gave up, Finch, since in fact you are NOT "dead to everybody." It makes Harold look like a lying liar who lies because he couldn't tell his fiancee his real name, his real job, or introduce her to his real friend Nathan. Because apparently impending marriage is not something that motivates you to share your real identity with the one you love. And apparently true love means semi-stalking her after your fake death and throwing jobs her way because you can't bloody stop interfering in her life! What a fucked up show. I don't need a weekly vigilante show that badly.

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