Sunday, February 10, 2013

Following Actors

I've heard that Kim Raver is cast as the lead on an NCIS:LA spinoff. I never watched 24, and I didn't stick with Revolution long enough to see her character, but I liked her as Kathryn Hale in The Nine. I will probably follow her to this new show since it's not a soap opera. (I couldn't follow Tim Daly to his medical soap either.) I don't watch NCIS because the few times I tried, I was basically befuddled by the male characters' obnoxiousness and the stupidly dressed goth girl. I remember watching an episode of NCIS: LA once, and thought it was quirky and silly, but inoffensive. If I just treat it like I treated Psych, as something not to take seriously, it might be fine. If they do a backdoor pilot for the spinoff, I'll have to remember to check it out.

I wish The Following wasn't about gory serial killings, because then I'd watch it for actors I like such as Natalie Zea and Annie Parisse. There's just something so soul-killing about watching serial killers in show after show. Every crime drama seems to feel the need to do an episode or more about these monsters, and it's always the same. (Even Psych, a goofy comedy, felt the need to do some "serious" dark episodes with a serial killer.) I want old-fashioned cozy mysteries of the Agatha Christie or Murder She Wrote type. Why can't there just be clever mysteries anymore? They don't even have to be murders.

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