Monday, April 29, 2013


Early voting is starting for my city's local elections, but I'm having trouble finding any info about the candidates. I'm getting campaign mailings and looking up names on the internet, but there's hardly anything to find. I'll have to keep looking and hope I find more information before I vote this Saturday.

Meanwhile the Bush library was opened at SMU on Thursday, and I was disgusted by the local news stations jabbering about it for all last week, so I didn't watch any coverage. I couldn't believe the fawning taking place on the national news, though. In Texas I sort of expect this (though I'm disappointed about it), but you'd think the rest of the country wouldn't be so quick to rehabilitate Bush's image.

I mean, when American media covered Margaret Thatcher's death, they commented on her controversial policies and the protesters at her funeral. If only they could be that objective about George W. Bush and the protests at his library.

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