Monday, April 29, 2013

May Sweeps

Well now we're moving into the end of the TV season. Networks are announcing renewals for next season, and I'm getting worried that Nikita hasn't been renewed yet. I still enjoy the show, and want to see it get a proper ending. The rest of the May sweeps episodes will probably be exciting, but might end on a cliffhanger/total reset of the premise once again.

NBC has made some announcements, but nothing about the comedies I liked. Go On, when it concentrates on the ensemble instead of Matthew Perry's character, is wonderful. I liked The New Normal, but I feel that the season finale wrapped up everything nicely, so I don't need another season of it. The soapy drama Deception had ups and downs in quality, but I did like when the plot moved faster at the end. I feel about Deception the same way I felt about Ringer last year: it was fun to see how crazy things could get in the end, but I could also shrug it off if it didn't get another season.

Grimm, on the other hand, continues to be annoying since its return in March. It's clear they intend to keep the amnesia plot going until the season finale, and they still won't tell us a damn thing about Renard, his royal blood, what the hell he even wants to use Nick for, etc. Nothing of substance is coming out of it, and I'll probably quit the show next year. The only reason I don't stop watching now is that I still enjoy Rosalee and Monroe, and little side characters like Bud. But even the writing of Monroe has suffered for the amnesia storyline, so I'm getting fed up with him too. I'll just ride it out to the end of this season I guess.

Over on CBS, I liked that Elementary used Charles Augustus Milverton lately, and featured Alfredo again as Holmes's sponsor. However, the spoilers I hear about Irene Adler have me half-dreading the final episodes, concerning her and Moriarty. I've been burned so many times about Irene Adler, and I don't trust any show runner with her these days, most especially because she's already been established as Holmes's past lover.

I've continued to avoid Person of Interest and Good Wife since I dropped them. I did however read recaps of the Good Wife finale. I'm surprised they finally had Alicia and Cary leave to start their own firm, though what I hear of the stupid love triangle continuing, as well as the annoyances involved in Peter winning the election makes me roll my eyes. I don't regret giving up on that show, to avoid such stagnant plotlines in the future.

Anyway I'm also looking forward to the pilots for next year, as well as summer premieres of shows like Goodwin Games and Whose Line Is It Anyway? Hopefully those will not disappoint.

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