Saturday, April 20, 2013

Guantanamo Hunger Strikes

It's sad that US news doesn't cover this subject, so I have to look to UK news for reports like this. I too do not understand why the detainees are still imprisoned even though some have been cleared for release a long time ago. No wonder they've lost hope.

The article says that Shaker Aamer was only cleared for release into Saudi Arabia instead of his home in London, and that would endanger him. It also suggests that powers in the UK are anxious to hush him up.

A British operative, he claims, was present as a US interrogator repeatedly smashed his head against a wall shortly before he was sent to Guantánamo. Described as articulate and highly intelligent, Aamer's allegations of British complicity in his torture and detention would undoubtedly reopen the vexed and fraught debate over British complicity in the darker side of America's "war on terror".

How horrible. It seems like these people are going to be kept until they're dead just for the sake of political convenience. I'm so disappointed in both America and the UK.

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