Saturday, October 11, 2014


This ABC sitcom was actually incredibly funny, and very polished, like it had been airing for years. I hope that all the episodes will be as great as the pilot was. Also I didn't know that Cristela would be set in Dallas until I saw the city skyline, and heard the obligatory references to the Dallas Cowboys. The show could be a live-action King of the Hill, but set in the city rather than in the fictional small town of Arlen. I look forward to more, and hope the show helps people outside of Texas to stop looking down on our state and telling us to secede. No, we don't all conform to the worst stereotypes about Texas; we are a diverse people and more cosmopolitan in the urban areas. There's hope for us, especially in the upcoming election.

I also watched the British movie Pride, not to be confused with an earlier movie of the same name about the coach of an African-American swim team. The British movie is a period drama set in the 1980s about both gay rights and union solidarity. It's quite funny and inspiring, though there are also sad references to the emerging AIDs crisis at the time. Good performances from the cast, and I especially loved to see how strong and genuine the personal friendships became.

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