Monday, October 6, 2014

Waiting is the Hardest Part

I'm rather stunned that the Supreme Court decided not to hear any same-sex marriage cases. It's good for the gay couples who are now able to marry, but it still leaves a lot of states to continue going slowly through the lower courts. So there's not going to be any federal ruling on marriage equality yet.

I heard that the Obama administration tried to criticize Israel's illegal settlements recently, but Netanyahu won't be shamed into stopping. In fact he tries to shame Washington, and act like "how dare you to speak to us that way?" I don't understand why the US puts up with this arrogance and belligerence. Israel will never listen, until the US imposes some kind of concrete punishment, like cutting off their funding. Why is that never on the table? Palestinians are trying to appeal to the UN now, but it's likely that the US will just veto them again. Why not teach Israel a lesson and vote with the rest of the world for once? I'm so sick of this impasse.

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