Sunday, September 28, 2014

TV Cops

I watched the second Mysteries of Laura episode, and I'm feeling better about the show now, especially since they added the Sammi character, who I'm hoping will recur. She's going to be Laura's babysitter, but they introduced her in a novel way, as a protestor spending the night in jail at the police station. She got a lot of screentime for such a minor role, and the children became less annoying and prominent in this episode too. Still not sure about Laura's boss being her ex-husband, since it seems like he shouldn't be allowed to do that, but he's at least working with the team well. In the midst of the comedy, the show is trying to include dramatic moments, such as the rape confession and the commentary about douchebag dating experts. So I'll stick with it for now and hope it can improve on its formula.

I'm very happy that Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes back tonight. Now we can have some fun, especially now that there's no more good movies until December. I can't wait to see Andre Braugher and Terry Crews again. They have the best characters, in a very diverse and funny cast.

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