Thursday, September 25, 2014

TV premieres

I didn't expect much from Forever, due to its generic title that is so forgettable, but the show itself was pretty good. I'm glad that it's getting decent ratings so far, and that it actually beat Person of Interest. (I hear that POI is suffering backlash from killing off Carter last season, but I left that show way before then.)

On Forever, there's a nice balance of character to procedural elements which keeps it interesting. At times Henry Morgan is a little too obtrusive and Sherlock Holmes-like in his deductions, but he is not arrogant at all. He has a warmth to him, and we get flashbacks of his past lives that help round him out as a person. I would say that the police detectives need fleshing out, but I also like spending time with Henry's adopted son. I hope that "Adam" the 2,000 year old man calling on the phone, doesn't turn out to be a psychopath who plays stupid sadistic games like Jim Moriarty. The "fan" notes worry me about how they'll write the eventual confrontation. I would rather that Adam, if he is a villain, is simply frustrated with the world and trying to seek a way to end their curse. I don't want him to be illogical and destructive for no reason. But that's a worry for way in the future. For now it's a pleasant way to pass the time until Elementary returns in late October.

I haven't watched the Sleepy Hollow premiere, nor the second Mysteries of Laura episode yet. Maybe this weekend. Of sitcoms, Black-ish was on tonight, and I enjoyed it a lot. Can't believe that the wife's name is actually Rainbow, though.

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