Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bateman Love Family

I saw This is Where I Leave You, and it was pretty funny and enjoyable. I don't love the family like I do the Bluths, but they were crazy in their own ways. I was genuinely surprised at some of the plot developments. Ben Schwartz had a small part as the rabbi whose childhood nickname was Boner. I did have a hard time hearing the name of one character, who was Tina Fey's ex-boyfriend. Sometimes it sounded like they were saying Harvey, sometimes Harley, but it turns out his name is Horry. I guess I'm unfamiliar with that name.

On TV, I watched The Mysteries of Laura pilot, but I'm not that enthused. It's trying to be fun, but it's more ridiculous so far. I hope it will improve. I wish Brooklyn Nine-Nine were already back.

I read that the Conan Doyle Estate is appealing to the Supreme Court, because they still don't want Sherlock Holmes to be public domain. They're so stubborn, and they can't just enjoy the Casebook stories still being in copyright until 2023. I hope that Congress doesn't pass another copyright extension law before then, or we'll be having this fight again.

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