Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Ugh! Another meh episode from Agent Carter. I don't fucking care about the Leviathan conspiracy, and I don't give a damn about Howard Stark having a vial of Captain America's blood! Just fucking get somewhere with the plot! Explain one of the mysteries. Sure, Bridget Regan's character killed an assassin, but Angie the perky waitress is still just a perky waitress, and it's so boring. I don't understand why that Agent boss guy passed a cyanide "breath mint" to a soldier responsible for keeping the Nazi in prison. Doesn't that make the soldier a good person? And I don't think he overheard anything that would make it necessary to silence him. So agents are just now randomly killing people for no damn reason?

Later edit: on second thought, perhaps the intent of the writers was the opposite--they wanted to imply that Agent Dooley lied to the Nazi and gave him a breathmint, not a cyanide tablet. Therefore the later mint he gave out was harmless. I wish they had made it clearer. Since we never see either the Nazi or the prison soldier again, we have no proof either way what the tablets are. Dooley should have taken a mint himself, and thus proved they were harmless, or he should have told the other agent back home, "All I had to do was lie to the Nazi" to make it clear.

Anyway, I am losing patience with this show, and am afraid that I'll waste eight weeks on it, just to get burned like with Galavant's finale. Why can't shows be awesome anymore? I'm trying to get into the new Mystery! show Grantchester too, and it's still iffy. The solution to the mysteries were not very clear or logical; it seemed like guess work at best. It seems like they are neglecting the mystery portion of the show just so they can focus on the romantic angst and drama about the attractive vicar. It's so annoying when TV shows have potential, but they don't fulfill it.

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