Friday, January 16, 2015

On Screens and in Theater

So the feminist S(her)lock kickstarter met (and exceeded) their goal, which is great news. I'll be looking forward to that series even though I still hate the title.

As for the more conventional TV show Elementary, it looks like next week's episode will finally feature Baron Gruner, the de Mervilles, and everything from the Illustrious Client story. I was trying to be patient with Kitty's story on the show, but the gradual buildup made it seem like they were holding the climax until the season's end, instead of midseason. I hope it will be good, and that the writers resist the temptation to link Gruner to Moriarty somehow. I don't want her back, for any reason.

I'm curious about the sudden talk of Watson deciding to become an insurance investigator, though. We barely saw her take any private cases and they mostly turned into homicides so that the NYPD could investigate. The story about her boyfriend seemed to be dropped too. I'm not sure I know where the show is going anymore, and I don't know if its ratings will help it be renewed for another season.

Also, I recently learned that there will be a play in my area soon called "The Curious Case of the Watson Intelligence" which is some kind of mishmash story with multiple Watsons and timelines. I will try to see it, if I can get an affordable ticket.

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