Sunday, January 25, 2015


Well, the Galavant finale sucked. I mean, the last two episodes were going well for a while, until things kept getting confused. Gareth said he knew what to do, and I thought it meant he had a concrete plan to overthrow Madalena and Kingsley, but instead he randomly keeps Sid for "insurance" and then just accepts the throne. Stupid. I did like that he genuinely cared about saving King Richard, but then why didn't he just refuse to fight for Kingsley in the duel? He said he had "no choice." But just last week he defied Madalena and said he was Richard's loyal dog. Why can't he say that to Kingsley too? What a terrible, disappointing ending. They just burned a season's worth of goodwill. Writers--stop writing cliffhangers for finales if you don't know that you'll be back for another season. It's arrogant and annoying.

I finally had a chance to watch The Interview this weekend. I opted for Netflix instead of going out to a theater. Franco really sold being dumb and stoned most of the time, though he had this devotion to his producer that was sweet. He never argued that they should keep doing dumb, easy news; he would do anything to make Seth's character happy. The running joke about honeypotting was cute, as was the whole buddy chemistry throughout their mission. Sure the movie was filled with a lot of gross potty humor, but that was actually a key theme, that the way to topple the dictator is to mock him and show him to be a human, not a god. It reminded me of Mel Brooks always saying that the best revenge he could have on Hitler was to make him look ridiculous. Also, the repeated biting off of fingers reminded me of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, so I can look past the disgusting stuff to enjoy the other parts I find more amusing. The Interview was both funny and surprising. I didn't expect for that North Korean lady Sook to say, "When will you Americans learn?" and criticize the assassination plan. She pointed out that The Supreme Leader's reputation needed to be killed, not just the man himself, because another dictator could rise in his place. There was also criticism of America's hypocrisy, and they showed that doing actual journalism in the interview was the key to starting the revolution. Very nice. Rogen and Franco did not disappoint, and I'm happy the movie got released after all.

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